Oxus Update, June 2

Hello Again, I do apologize for the delay, I had a feeling that if I wasn’t able to finish the project before April, I’d be facing a serious delay. The month of April wound up being a write-off as I was travelling for almost the entirety of the month, and then most of may was spent playing catch up with some school, and I was called in to cover far more shifts at work then I normally am and that took almost all the time that I could have given to this project. Now this past week however I was able to get a reasonable amount of  work done on the project and I built the explosion that you had previously requested, I’ll post a brief low quality of what the explosion itself looks like as well as a high resolution render of what the explosion looks like in the scene. I’ve added much more detail to the oil platform and brought it much closer to an acceptable final look. I’ve set the SHRC so that it is deployed with both the chemical and electrical systems at the same time. the project is nearing completion. I am hoping for a rough render on Wednesday evening and then after that is approved I’ll push out the final render which will take several hours. But the project should be wrapped up by this weekend. There would be a good chance of me being able to finish the project today, but I do have a school assignment that needs to be addressed, and I’m working all day Tuesday. My goal is to have this finished by Wednesday, and then to have it rendered for the weekend.


This Render is the same frame as the one below, with appropriate lighting implemented, if you feel that the explosion has a bit too much bloom on it, let me know and I’ can easily tone it done so that it is similiar to the one below.


This render was done without the lighting implemented, and was a quick render to ensure that the explosion was rendering appropriately.

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