OXUS Update, June 6

The animation is starting to come together, and as soon as I receive approval from youin regards to the timing and camera angles, I will begin a low resolution render of the animation. I’ve attached a playblast of the animation below, this should give you a fairly good idea of the final timing and look of the animation. if you would like to change any timing or camera angles at all this is the time to let me know. I’ve also attached a few half resolution renders so that you can get a better idea of what the rendered version should look like. I have reworked the water fog, set up proper lighting, swapped the risers out to single pieces, I added anchors to the shrc, as well as many other small things. While I am waiting for you approval on the timing I am going to be going through and adding a few more particles to the animation so that it has a better final render. I will be adjusting the smokestack so that it is actually destroyed by the end of the explosion, I am going to add smoke to the smokestack both before and after the explosion(a normal working smoke before, and then a thick smoke after). I am going to add in a green smoke to the chemical injection wand and unless told otherwise it will be emitting the entire time the wand is visible in the cut away view. I am going to add bubbles to the back of the ROV to suggest movement, as well as splashes/bubbles to the location where debris enters the water as well as the area around the base of the oil platform while it is being shaken, I would like to rework some of the textures on the oil platform so that it looks a bit sharper. I will also be bumping up the emission rate for the spilling oil, so that it really does look like it is spewing. I would also like to add a flame to the tanker, once it is connected to the spmb. These are almost all just polishing details that will result in a sharper final animation, however I will not let them stop me from getting you a usable render of the animation and I will do my best to implement as many of them as possible without causing any further delays. Also I remember that we had talked about possibly using a few different camera angles, if you let me know where you might like a different shot let me know and I will make the changes, this is a fully 3d environment so we can look at almost anything from almost any angle with minimal fuss.


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