Oxus Update April 4, 2013

Yesterday I managed to finish working through a pass on the animation that I have been working on. The timing is essentially complete, however there is still some work that needs to be completed in the actual refinement of the animation curves. That being said, this is highly indicative of the final feel of the animation. I also attempted to render out several images of the animation to give an idea of what the final animation should look like. My goal was to put together an animation with the rendered images that played back one frame per second to give an idea of what the animation should look like, however I ran into a few problems with the render, however I have found a few workarounds and included both video’s below. The other thing you need to be aware of is that in my current rendition the oil is being generated at a rate of 10 particles per second, with the final render I’d like to take that up to an initial burst of 1000 and then taper it down to a constant stream of about 250-500 particles per second. I had to lower the amount of particles till the final render as they are fairly resource intensive. I still have to finalize the lighting and final render settings, however I feel the project is coming along fairly well, though I do apologize for having gotten delayed. I’m going to be driving across Canada for the next couple of days, but as soon as I get back home I’ll apply any other changes that you’d like, and I’ll finish with lighting and curve refinement. Hopefully the animation will be fully rendered and delivered by next Friday.

The other thing I wanted to throw in is that I am also planning on adding a green particle system to the chemical injection system, to represent the methanol.

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