OXUS – Week 3 Checkpoint

This is my check-in for week three, I had stated my goal for week three was to have my modeling completed and the initial pass on the animation put together. Unfortunately to my shame, I have apparently either overestimated my abilities or the amount of time that I would be able to devote to this project. That being said I believe I have built all the base models now, however I have not had a chance to put them together into an animation yet. I am hoping to be able to put together a rough animation, essentially the thumbnails from earlier redone with the assets that I have built. I am now able to begin animating with the assets I have, and as I get the chance to continue to work on the models, I can swap them out with the existing models in the animation. So far I have been getting over 20 hours into this project a week. I am hopeful that if I can get 30-40 hours in this week that I will be able to get back onto the appropriate schedule.  and get close to my stated goals from earlier. So here are the assets I was able to put together this week:


The Tanker can still use several antennas, radar dishes and cranes, many small detail objects that can also be used on the oil platform. I hope to be able to build some more detail into both the tanker and the oil platform over this coming week inbetween my passes on the actual animation.


Once again, I still feel that this mooring buoy need some more work especially on the frame above to bring it to the level that I would like it to be at but it is functional and will be used as is for the early passes on the animation. I was working on trying to give the edge some ridges that run down the side at an angle, similar to what was seen in the reference, but my attempts were causing more harm than good so I wound up abandoning that idea for the time being. I hope to be able to revisit it after I have finished with several other things, such as the upper frame and the detail work elsewhere.



after having seen the funnel in the same shot as the assembly, I have decided to scale the funnel a little bit. this picture does not reflect the change though the rough pass animation will. I am going to scale the funnel so that it has a radius equal to the width of the flotation assembly arms, and I will be leaving the attachment  point the same size so that I don’t have to have a hose that changes size as it descends. I am also going to attempt to demonstrate my current understanding of the hydrate prevention system and I will be demonstrating at least a basic(no particles, effects yet) of the system in the rough animation cut away sequence. I am making progress, and the assets are coming together.

It seems as though I have pushed the schedule back by a week, I apologize for this and will do my absolute best to have the animation completed by the end of the month.  moving forward though I would say that I am working on my goals for the scheduled week 3 again. This week I am hoping to put together my first and second passes on the animation, (typically an animation is run through about 5 passes) as well as to have the assets beginning to be textured, and final details added.

Thank you, and have a great evening.

Shawn Ritter

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