OXUS – Pass 1

This is a very rough draft of the animation that I am working on. The timings are still non-existent, and there is still a ton of work needed, which should be obvious. This is the vast majority of the thumbnails put into a linear transition mode. I was originally intending to post this with held tangents, which would mean the animation would have jumped from position to position but I kind of liked the linear transitions a little bit more for getting a feeling of how this may play out. It is also important to note that this is not a render but rather a playblast and is not an accurate representation of the final animation. I did not get a chance to implement the hydrate prevention systems at this point, but I did add a few frames where the cutaway might be shown. One of the most obvious things you may notice is that there is no oil billowing at this point yet, oil makes extensive use of the fluid and dynamic systems in Maya and I’m not ready to add that in quite yet, as most of my other assets detail and animation curves will need to be finalized or extremely close to finalized before I can begin to implement the dynamic systems in this animation. The other thing you may notice is the lack of certain hoses and anchoring points, once again those will be implemented through Maya’s dynamics system and will need to wait a bit longer before being implemented. I was also wondering about the SHRC chimney if there were any flexible hoses that i should be aware of aside from the hose connecting it to the SPMB?

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