Oxus ROV

So today I managed to build an ROV for use in the upcoming animation, it came together fairly nice and was an enjoyable experience. However yesterday I was working on a single point mooring buoy, it was not an enjoyable experience and was very frustrating. I think a large part of it was my fault, but I just could not get Maya to work the way I wanted it to and I had so many problems it is not even funny. I probably spent about half of my time on this retrying or rebuilding the buoy. The kicker is even with all the time and effort, I still don’t quite feel that it is finished and will need a bit more work to get it where I want it to be. So the short story is that the ROV was good and fun, the Buoy was a pain and needs more work. Here are some photos of my current work and their respective references.

spmb Mooring-3 rov ROV_working_on_a_subsea_structure

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