SHRC Idea 2 Outline and Thumbnails

And here again to go with my work on the SHRC system by OXUS Recovery Solutions I have put together the following outline and thumbnails based upon the second idea that I posted earlier.

Idea 2 Action Outline:

1. Satellite view of earth with a hurricane storm off the coast somewhere

2. Camera zooms in towards the storm

3. Camera cuts to white, from closing in on the clouds, this allows us to transition to the actual scene

4. Lightning strikes complete the transition and we see the oil platform.

5. The oil platform is getting beaten by the storm

6. Lightning strikes the oil platform

7. Sirens and lights go off as fires break out on the platform

8. The camera then dives into the water

9. We transition to black through the extravagant use of bubbles

10. The bubbles clear and we are now on the ocean floor at the wellhead

11. The riser shakes and then implodes

12. The broken riser crumples off to the side

13. Oil begins to escape

14. The camera tracks the oil upwards and brings the SHRC into view

15. The camera then focuses in on the SHRC and we see an ROV enter the scene

16. At this point I’d like to try transitioning into the ROV’s camera or an over the shoulder view of the ROV

17. We watch as the ROV disconnects the existing anchoring cable from the SHRC

18. The ROV repositions the cable to the new anchoring location

19. The ROV then returns to the funnel and grabs another cable to anchor on the second location

20. The ROV then attaches the second cable to the second anchor

21. We can add the third cable here if we need to

22. The ROV then pulls back from the wellhead giving us a good shot of the lower assembly positioned and in action

23. The ROV Starts to ascend along the chimney

24. The camera stops at the coupling assembly

25. The ROV then assists with coupling the high pressure recovery hose to the SHRC receiver

26. Once the hose is connected, the camera the camera detaches from the ROV and moves upwards

27. The camera splashes out of the water and witnesses the recovery vessel deploying a flare and collecting the oil(the sky is also sunny at this point)

28. Camera captures both the recovery vessel and the oil platform set against the setting sun.

29. Gull flies across the camera and transitions us to a black or white background and allows us to display company info

And here are the thumbnails:



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