SHRC – Idea 1 Thumbnails and Outline

For my work on the SHRC animation, I’ve put together the following outline based upon the Idea 1 I posted earlier.

Idea 1 Action Outline:

1. Oil platform in view, Functioning normally.

2. Camera shakes, lights begin to flash on the platform, possible fires begin to break out.

3. Camera zooms out and downwards to see the riser blowout and crumple.

4. The riser falls off to the side and the oil begins to billow out.

5. Camera then pans to the side and shows the SHRC in a standby deployment nearby.

6. Camera then focuses in on the SHRC to see an ROV powering up.

7. ROV moves to begin the deployment process of the SHRC.

8. SHRC is positioned above the oil leak .

9. The spilling oil is funneled into the recovery chimney.

10. At this point it is possible to do a cut away view of the funnel and pipe to see the hydrate prevention system in action.

11. A recovery vessel enters the scene.

12. Vessel couples with the SHRC and begins to collect the oil.

13. At this point it is possible to do a cutaway of the tanker to show the hold filling up with oil.

14. A flare is deployed and lit on the recovery vessel.

15. A second vessel, slightly smaller, enters the scene.

16. Secondary vessel deploys repair equipment and and oil booms necessary.

And here are the thumbnails that I did up for this outline. This scene is intended to be presented in a side view.



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