Oil Platform Base v001

So today I was working on the model that I will be using for my oil platform in my upcoming animation. I’ve decided to model my oil platform off of the Aker H-6e rig, which is a sixth generation oil Platform built in 2009 and capable of drilling in extreme conditions to extreme depths. Now I’ve only completed the pontoons or the base of the platform, it took a little bit to get my mesh cleaned up and quaded but I’m fairly happy with the result so far and I think I’m well set up to go back in and add more detail if necessary.

So these are two screenshots of my current progress, and at the end I’ll post a picture of what the actual platform looks like. I’ve still got a little way to go but I’m hoping to get it done fairly quickly and then start to work on the oil tanker that will be functioning as the recovery vessel in my animation.




So tomorrow the real fun begins with trying to build something that looks reasonably like the above picture from reference that is not too much different than that. Hooray for imagination and creativity in problem solving.

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