Merlin’s Ball – Final Entry

Here is my final upload for the Merlin’s ball and Box project I was working on for FOA-O. I was called into to work today so unfortunately I didn’t have time or the opportunity to implement some of the final effects and passes that I was hoping for on this project. This playblast is my last pass on addressing issues that were brought to my attention on conceptshare, and my last run at tweaking some of the things that caught my attention while running through it a final time. I hope to be able to come back at some point in the near future and implement some of the particle effects as well as the addition of an animation pass on the paper attached to the box. For the time being I wound up just gluing the paper to the box like a label, it was about all I had time to do for it. Overall I really enjoyed this project and I am looking forward to my character rigging course this month.

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