OXUS – Week 2 Check-In

Hello again,

This week my primary goal was to get the vast majority of my base models built, I was also hoping to get my reference material gathered and uploaded in my post today. I appreciated the feedback on the storyboards, and the direction that you suggested is very much so what I was leaning towards, I thank you for the additional direction and clarification. In regards to the stopple fitting animation that i was sent a link to earlier this week that is almost the exact style I was hoping for when I had mentioned stylized earlier.

Here’s the stopple fitting animation:


The one difference is that I was hoping to use materials with higher amounts of diffuse and lower specularity, which would cause the objects to appear more rubbery/clayish( a lot less shiny . The following model is primarily done with the types of shader that I am leaning towards using in this project, the model was done by harrye123/cgstudent1 and was found on youtube.


Now on to my progress report, unfortunately I wasn’t able to get as much done on this project as I would have liked. I have made progress and I’m hoping that I will be able to put quite a bit more time into it this week than last. One of the first things I tried to do was build the base mesh for the oil platform, and that came out fairly well considering my limited reference material. The model is being built off the Aker He-6 design style which is shown here:


My base model is currently looking like this:


I’ve built all my current base geometry but have quite a bit of detail work to do, now I don’t think this animation needs to go to extreme detail but I would like to build the three towers for the center of the platform as well as the two cranes that go on the edges as well as building a plethora of pipes to make it appear a bit more functional and believable. After uploading the reference image above I’ve also noticed I need to make the crane support posts, red as well. Now I also want to mention that at this point, this is not the final geometry and those are not necessarily the final shaders.

Next I began to work on the wellhead itself, or more specifically the blow out preventer that caps the wellhead. I’ve built my BOP based off of the following reference image:

BOP Stack

And here is my current build of it:


The full BOP has a second half which is shown just below, however at this point in time, I felt that the other assets were of greater importance and if necessary I can just stack the above piece on itself for a similar effect. Although if time permits, I’d like to build this piece as well.


I’ve also been working on the funnel today, and this is what I have so far for the funnel for the recovery chimney:


The one on the right was the first one I built, but I decided I wanted to build it with three anchor points instead of four. So i rebuilt it and I am much happier with the second one, the scale, width and height can all be adjusted as necessary. I also don’t know if it was appropriate to add the extra support for anchoring points, but I felt that this provided for a nicer look and feel than just a bare plain funnel. I’m hoping next week to add a few images with my implementation of the hydrate system sketches that I received from Mr. Brian Varney.

My next question however was in regards to what type of hose/riser you wanted me to build for the SHRC to use I was intending to build the actual riser system similiar to “Free Standing Riser #1” in the following photo, do you want the hose to be a smooth hose, would you like it braided or to have a coil in the hose?  The smooth hose is the easiest and quickest to build, But then my next question is do you want the hose to be insulated, or embedded with anything? Are there additional hoses/cables attached to the hose as well?


I was also intending to build the recovery vessel and the ROV this week as well.  For the Recovery vessel I was going to build a ship like the Loch Rannoch in the image above. I was also going to attempt to build the following ROV, or at least something similar to it.


Finally I am hoping to build a single buoy mooring point as well this week. at this point I don’t have a reference image for that however.

Now I currently have no intention of adding the wiring to the majority of the components that I will be building, but if it becomes apparent that some cables are needed I can add them in at almost any point.  I’m also hoping that I will have enough  assets by the end of this coming week to be able to put together a rough animation that would be very similar to the story boards that you’ve reviewed and revised for me.  Once again I want to thank you for allowing me to work with you on this project, and I hope that I will be able to provide you with a final product that is what you are hoping for.

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