April 2, 2014

This past month my class was entitled Game Portfolio 1. It was very similiar to the class from last month, however this month I decided to model out a korean pagoda from the Gyeongju temple. I believe that the tower is the Dabo Tower, and that it is even featured on some of their currency, however I am not positive about that. I’ve attached below my final image as well as the primary image that I was working off of for reference. I did all of the modelling and UV’s in Maya, and all of my texturing work was done in Substance Designer 4. The scene was assembled and lit in the Unreal Development Kit, and the final image was slightly edited in Photoshop. While I am happy with how the scene turned out, I was hoping to do a little bit more with it. One of the big things I was hoping to do was to add some trees in the background so that I could open the temple doors and be a bit truer to the reference. However I was hoping to use Cherry Blossom trees instead so that I could have petals strewn and blowing across my scene. I was also hoping to do the little statue that was supposed to be on the side of the tower facing the camera. On the whole though I think it is a very nice scene and I am quite happy with it. I do need to mention though that while I created all the assets in the scene, I did use the default skybox that is provided with the UDK and I would have liked to have done my own, if I had more time for the project.




For this coming month, I am hoping to work on a scene from the 1893 World’s Fair. While working on my project last month I had listened to an audiobook Biography of Nikola Tesla and I wanted to do something that he had been involved with. I also played the new DLC for Bioshock Infinite (Burial At Sea – Episode 2) and They pulled off a look similiar to that of the Colombia World Fair. Admittedly they have a bit of stylization to their environment, but I find it to be very beautiful and inspiring. It was neat seeing how some professionals with experience have dealt with a situation similar to the one that I am facing. My project for this month is shown below, I am very excited for it, but it will take a lot of work to pull off. I may end up doing just the building on a pedestal if I do not have time to add any of its environment.


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