Oxus Update July 16

I’ve attached below the current render of the animation with the voice over track included. I have run into some problems with getting the titles added into the videos, however I should be able to get them embedded and uploaded by 2:00 this afternoon. I wound up spilling pop all over my laptop yesterday evening, and wound up spending 5 hrs pulling the thing apart and cleaning it up. I had the titles mostly done this morning, but the program has decided to function erratically and will no longer allow me to place titles appropriately it is blacking out the entire video when the titles are added now, I’ve downloaded a new version of the software on a computer that hasn’t been bathed in pop, and should be able to complete the title overlay fairly quickly once I get back work this morning. In the meantime here is the current render of the animation, I’ve found a few more things that I would like to change/correct before the final render. the smoke seems a bit thick, there are still too many gray looking particles in the oil, there is a shadow on the ocean floor that needs to be removed, and a few small areas are receiving lighting from too many sources. If you see any problems with anything there is still time to make corrections/changes.


Here is the movie with the appropriate text overlays and titles set up. This video is currently at 480 x 270 for resolution, and the final video will be 1920 x 1080 which is able to portray a much clearer final image. The current video uses 130,000 pixels in every frame, while the final video will be using 2.075 million pixels for every frame, this will result in much clearer and crisper visuals and words. However the layout and feel should remain much the same as it is now. Also I wasn’t quite finished rendering yet, so I wound up just holding the last frame until the end of the animation, the oil and smoke will be moving for the entire time the words are on screen in the final render.

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