OXUS Update – July 8

I’ve attached a rendered out version of the animation that I had presented on June 21. This is a low resolution version of what the project currently looks like. I’ve noticed a couple of problems, firstly the green smoke is way to blown out and looks more like a plasma than a gas, I will go adjust that and resolve that issue. Secondly I’m noticing that the oil is still looking a bit too grey and not black enough in the render. I’m going to adjust the shader so that it looks more like a shiny black oily mess. I’m also noticing that it seems as though the oil is leaking a bit too thin, I’m going to bump up the emission rate so that the oil is billowing out at a greater volume, and  I’m going to adjust the size of the oil particles so that they are a little bit bigger. The third thing that I’ve noticed is that the camera moves seem to be a bit jumpy here and there, It’s, not moving at a consistent rate. Let me know if there are any other things that you have noticed after watching through the low resolution render of our animation. I feel as thought the ROV may be moving a bit too fast, let me know what you think.

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