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Gyeongju Temple

Created for “Game Portfolio 1”

This is a recreation of the Dabo Tower at the Gyeongju Temple in South Korea.

To create this modular scene, I modelled out some basic block in geometry in Maya and then arranged it all inside of the UDK. Once I found the dimensions and layout that I wanted, I went through and began to detail and refine the block out assets in Maya. With this scene I was able to keep the assets at a mid poly level, when placing them inside the game engine. This enabled me to have nicer corners and edges where appropriate and also simplified the process of creating smooth or high poly meshes to bake down to normal maps. I’ve become a fan of this approach, as I am able to very quickly add noise and detail to my normal maps with other maps and textures that I generate in substance designer. I use substance designer to create my final maps, and I enjoy how easy it is to make changes or adjustments and have them affect my specular normal and diffuse with minimal work.


Date: March 2014

Artist: Shawn Ritter

My Involvement: Modelling, Animation, Shading, Lighting, Texturing

Software Used: Maya, Substance Designer, Unreal Development Kit