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1892 Chicago World Fair – Administration Building

Created for “Game Portfolio 2”

This is a recreation of the Administration Building from the White City that was built specifically for the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Unfortunately the building was only ever intended to be temporary and was destroyed in a fire in July of 1894.

In this recreation I used Maya for all of my modelling and UV’s, I then used Substance designer to bake all of my high poly details down to my medium poly meshes as well as to create all of my textures for the scene. With this project I was really interested in seeing how nice I could make the the final project look and as such all the edges are bevelled and my polycount is quite high. I was very pleased with how this project turned out.


Date: April 2014

Artist: Shawn Ritter

My Involvement: Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, UDK Layout

Software Used: Maya, Substance Designer, Unreal Development Kit