COMP444: Final Project – Cyber Mask

For this final project, I was debating among a few project ideas that seemed both interesting and relevant to me. I wrote an email to my instructor for this course, Dr. Richard Huntrods, with a basic summary of what I wanted to do for each of the possible projects. There was however one project that […]

Unit 4: Robotic Sensing

This is the first unit where I don’t have any programming examples. There are three chapters covered from the textbook, and a section in the workbook. Reading – Chapter 7: What’s Going On This chapter explored the importance and variety of sensors that might be used in robotics. Emphasis was placed upon the distinction between […]

Unit 3: Robotic Movement 2 – Affectors

This entry deals with affectors. Affectors allow a robot to affect or interact with its environment. As usual I will begin with the readings, and then spend some time working through the final circuits in the SIK. Once these have been completed I will work through some questions from the instructors notebook. Reading – Chapter […]

Unit 2: Robotic Movement 1 – Locomotion

In this entry I will be working through the material for Unit 2 of COMP444 Embedded/robotic programming. I will begin with the readings of chapters 4 and 5 in the textbook, and their food for thought questions. Then I will work through the SIK circuits 8-13 or projects 3 and 4 Motion and Display. Finally […]

Unit 1: Introduction to Robotics

A brief look at the history of robotics some basic components and a couple of simple circuit examples.

Unit 0: Introduction

An intro to the Embedded robotics journal and initial setup for the Arduino Uno.