Unit 7: Robotic Control 3 – Deliberative and Reactive Control

To plan, or to respond? How should we build robots? Should they be programmed to look ahead and to strategize, or should they be reflexive and respond to their environment? This unit begins to look at the ramification of either strategy. Reading – Chapter 13: Think Hard, Act Later Planning behaviours are also known as […]

Unit 6: Robotic Control 2 – Representation

This unit covered one chapter and dealt with the question of how do robots store information about their environment. Reading – Chapter 12: What’s in your Head? This unit was primarily about representation or working memory. It was a discussion based upon the stored information which is used by an object to plan and problem […]

Unit 5: Robotic Control 1 – Feedback and Architectures

This seemed to be a fairly short unit, but I enjoyed looking into control mechanisms and I have been interested in how relevant this section was to 3D printing. Reading – Chapter 10: Stay in Control The primary subject of this chapter was on feedback control. We looked at several types of feedback control, but […]

Unit 4: Robotic Sensing

This is the first unit where I don’t have any programming examples. There are three chapters covered from the textbook, and a section in the workbook. Reading – Chapter 7: What’s Going On This chapter explored the importance and variety of sensors that might be used in robotics. Emphasis was placed upon the distinction between […]

Unit 3: Robotic Movement 2 – Affectors

This entry deals with affectors. Affectors allow a robot to affect or interact with its environment. As usual I will begin with the readings, and then spend some time working through the final circuits in the SIK. Once these have been completed I will work through some questions from the instructors notebook. Reading – Chapter […]