Fundamentals of Animation – Online – Merlin’s Ball – Entry 1

This post is to compile my pre-production work for the Merlin’s Ball project in FOA-O 1302.

Merlin’s Box PrePro


The camera opens with a transition from black to a room with torches upon the walls as well as shelves that are littered with books and vials. In the center of the room there is a pedestal with a box upon it and a light suspended above it. All of a sudden the box jumps, then jumps again a bit higher. On the third jump the box makes it even higher and ends up bumping the light above it. The box goes crashing down to the floor and the light begins to swing back and forth wildly. The box was popped open during the fall and our hero Merlin’s Ball cautiously peaks out of the box obviously shaken and slightly disoriented. Our hero then composes himself and proceeds to explore the room, looking for an exit. When no exit is apparent he becomes frustrated and rams into the box sending it rolling across the floor and into a shelf.  The shelf rocks a little and then proceeds to settle, however some of the books on the shelf begin to fall over domino style and end up sending a vial flying out. The vial crashes to the ground and shatters, and a small glowing ball is seen struggling to fly up into the air from the wreckage.  After what appears to be a breath, or momentary pause the ball goes shooting off and ricocheting off the walls.  Our hero bravely attempts to flee from the glowing ball of death, and is chased around for a short while. He makes several strategic dodges, and totally goes matrix on the sprite. While the sprite is whipping about it takes out the support for another shelf and ends up spilling several more vials, which also results in more sprites flying up into the air.  Our hero barely makes it into his box as they all start to bounce all over the place and wreak havoc.  As they tear the room apart he closes the lid to his box.

Actions Breakdown:

  1. Box bounces (3 times)
  2. Box falls, bumps the spotlight on its way down
  3. Box opens hero peaks out
  4. Hero Hops out of the box and begins to explore the room
  5. Hero finds no exit and in his anger rams the box which had trapped him
  6. The box hits a shelf
  7. The shelf totters and causes several books to fall over, which then send a vial flying
  8. The vial crashes into the ground and releases a glowing sprite
  9. The sprite slowly rises up into the air and then after a short breather shoots off banging into the walls and ricocheting all over the place.

10. Our hero bravely flees, but has to repeatedly dodge the sprite

  1. 11.  On the way to the his box our hero sees the sprite take out the support for a shelf and theself spill several more vials

12. from the shattered vials several more sprites begin to slowly rise up into the air.

13. Our hero just makes it to his box as the sprites begin to shoot off in all directions

14. He slams the lid of his box shut and the camera transitions to black

And finally we have some not so pretty thumbnails.



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